Medical Device & Diagnostics Matchmaker (MDDM)

 Catalyzing Medical device Innovations

The Medical Device & Diagnostics Matchmaker (MDDM) aims to do the match-making of :

  1. Technology Providers working on medical devices & diagnostics with the technology seekers.
  2. Technology seekers facing unique challenges in medical device & diagnostics development with technology providers that have innovative solutions.

Desired outcomes:

1) Technology Showcase Pitches by shortlisted technology providers on 6th Mar 2021. (Tentative).

2) Reverse Pitches by technology seekers (date to be announced).

3) For non-shortlisted Technology providers : required marketing documents, listing and publicizing these via various channels to bring desired targeted exposure which may result in possible matchmaking.

Medical devices and Diagnostics may include:

  • Implants and wound healing (Ex: dental implants, orthopedic implants, bandages )
  • Specialized Surgical tools  (Ex: guide wire positioning, robotic arm)
  • Interventional devices (Ex: defibrillators)
  • Diagnostics based on electronics and optics  (Ex: AI enabled wound imaging device, optics based biosensors )
  • Molecular diagnostics  (Ex: rapid molecular assays, diagnostic kits)

Please note that the above list is indicative. All the relevant topics under Medical Devices and Diagnostics can be included.

We call for submission of your innovation/ unique challenge to be taken up for further processing.

  • The selected finalists from the technology providers will get a chance to pitch their technologies to an audience relevant technology seekers . Check the list of companies who will be participating here (soon to be updated).
  • The Technology seekers would get a connection to the Technology provider willing to troubleshoot.

Call open for technology providers from 4th Jan 2021 –  25th Jan 2021            

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