Terms & Conditions

TechEx.in helps innovators and technology commercialization entities with technology transfer and IP support services.  These include

  • Technology marketing
  • Technology transfer — deal structuring, agreements, valuations, negotiations
  • Spin-off and new venture creation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Policies, institutional mechanisms and office support for R&D organizations for innovation management
  • Industry- academia technology partnership mechanisms and contract management
  • Technology scouting and open innovation
  • Information search and Analytics service.


How to use these services? Here is a step-by-step process guide:

  • Set up a preliminary online meeting or call with our Case Managers. Let us first understand what help you need and identify which service of TechEx.in can help you
  • Then study the  Term Sheet 1  (for Tech Mgmt Services) and  Term Sheet 2  (for Search and Analytics Desk services) below
  • Fill up the Request for TechEx.in Services Form below.
  • Our team will confirm the appropriateness of the service, provide you budgetary estimates, timelines and prepare the Form for finalization and closure.
  • You will then receive an invoice againTerm Sheet 1st which you can make payments.
  • Work by our TechEx.in team begins.


Terms, pricing and documents to initiate service request:

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FOR  TECHEX.In SEARCH & ANALYTICS  Services ==========


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