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Services for Startups

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Here is a list of services of that Startups can use:

IND | Industry- academia technology partnership mechanisms and contract management

  • IND003 | Non-Disclosure Agreements/ Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs/ CDAs)
  • IND004 | Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • IND005 | Sponsored Research Agreements (SRA)
  • IND006 | Collaboration Agreements/ Collaborative R&D Agreements (CRADA)

IPR | Intellectual Property Rights Protection 

  • IPR001 | IP Advisory; Decision Support; Drafting, Filing and Prosecution support; Reports, analytics, Opinions
  • IPR002 | FirstLook™ Report on Invention (Preliminary brief report following first meeting on an invention)
  • IPR003 | Joint Invention Administration Agreements (JIAA)

MKT | Technology Marketing 

  • MKT001 | Technology marketing 1-pagers
  • MKT002 | Listing of technology in shared channels and databases
  • MKT003 | Lead management and interfacing
  • MKT008 | FirstLook™ KOL Report

LIC | Technology transfer — deal structuring, agreements, valuations, negotiations, agreement management

  • LIC001 | Deal Structuring and Term Sheet
  • LIC002 | Valuations
  • LIC003 | Negotiations
  • LIC004 | Draft tech transfer agreements

INN | Technology scouting, open innovation, investment support

  • INN001 | Patent Due Dilligence
  • INN002 | Technology Due Dilligence


Call open (5th Apr- 20th Apr 2021) : support for Indian Patent filings.


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