Monday, 31st May 2021| Time: 4 – 5:30 PM

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  1. Prof. R.R. Hanchinal: Former Chairperson of Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights Authority (Secretary Rank) Government of India, also served as Vice Chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad
  2. Dr. Vijay Paranjape (Ph. D): Vice President of Life Science Advisory, Sathguru Management Consultants, Hyderabad and is a Visiting Fellow at the Global Development, CALS, Cornell University, USA. 
  3. Dr. Vidula Walimbe: Associate Manager: Innovation Management, Venture Center


In India, the Plant Variety Protection and Farmers Rights (PPVFR) Act, 2001 (‘Act’) is a sui generis system that intends to establish an effective system for protection of plant varieties and the rights of plant breeders and farmers. Plant variety protection, also called a “plant breeder’s right,” is a form of intellectual property right granted to the breeder of a new plant variety in relation to the Act and is concerning the exploitation of the protected variety which require the prior authorization of the breeder.

The present event will help participants understand objectives of PPVFR Act, important provisions and scope of the Act and the role of the Act in encouraging plant breeding in the public and private sectors and in delivering high quality varieties to farmers and growers. The event will involve case studies and examples pertaining to agriculture with pointers for innovators.


  • Overview of the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights (PPV&FR) Act, 2001
  • Scope of protection
  • Tips and pointers for innovators to protect their innovation
  • Case studies and examples
  • Protecting your innovation outside India