Wednesday, 9th June, 11 AM-12 PM

Speaker: Dr Poorvashree Joshi, Assistant Manager-IP services at Venture Center, Pune

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  • To develop skills of using proprietary databases for intellectual property (IP) search which helps in delivering technology strategy for your startup
  • To develop practical insights into different types of IP search with relevant case studies
  • To analyze patent information which supports decision making in research, technology and business planning
  • Live search trainings

Workshop Outline:

  • What are different types of IP?
  • In brief overview of key concepts in patent information
  • What is the importance of IP search and its types?
  • How to conduct the IP search with free databases and utilize patent information effectively for designing research strategies and methodology?
  • How to conduct search for other IPs?
  • Practical demonstration by searching with different examples

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