Monday-Tuesday, 28th & 29th June 2021, 10 AM-1 PM

3 slots everyday: 50 mins/ slot

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About the clinic:

Innovation is the fuel for ameliorating the socio-economic competitiveness of developing nations like India. Indian innovation ecosystem relies heavily upon the academic sector and R & D institutes. There is a critical need to create a strong Industry-Academia (I-A) R&D ecosystem in the country. The successful translation of research from academia to industry requires industry participation in the research, right from the beginning of the project till the development of

Also, collaboration is a key strategy for growth of many Tech-based companies, where research and development is critical for maintaining a competitive advantage, but can be incredibly expensive to undertake. By working together on R&D, companies can both contain costs and bring together the best ideas and information from both parties.

A collaboration to conduct R&D can take on many different names and structures. Most commonly, they are called joint development agreements, but they also may be called development agreements, MOUs, research and development agreements, and license agreements. Each of these agreements share the core principles of collaboration but serve different purposes. Joint development agreements need to be carefully structured before any work begins. The structure of such an agreement can take on any one of the numerous forms, depending on the parties involved, but all such agreements should answer the same basic questions and should provide the necessary protection for the participants’ interests.

The clinic will be a one-on-one mentoring session, where TechEx team will assess requirement of the company/Institute, and give an advice on best possible Heads of Agreement, based on the current product development stage and product development plan. Summary sheet of deal structure and heads of agreement (HoA) will be provided to all mentees post mentoring session.