How important are patents and patent law in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Drug repurposing has been gaining popularity as an approach to develop new medicines. In the present pandemic situation, an effort to find treatment for COVID-19, drug repurposing trials has gained focus. Since these drugs have already been deemed safe, development costs are reduced when commencing trials for a new indication. However, to commercialize a repurposed drug, it is important to understand patent barriers and their implications. This event tries to understand the patent scenario of COVID-19 molecules that are considered for repurposing and the relevant provisions under Indian Patent Law. Nerve Center for TFORD (Task force on Repurposing of Drugs), constituted by PSA, GoI, at Venture Center, has complied discussion papers, for drugs approved for other indications in any part of the world which can be repurposed for COVID-19. These discussion papers highlight evidence for therapeutic effects against COVID-19 in pre-clinical and/or clinical settings, availability of past information on the candidates and IP status. The event is an attempt to help IP enthusiasts and IP Managers get an insight into the patent scenario of repurposed drug candidates for COVID-19, patent analytics and relevant provisions in Indian Patent Act.

The aim of the online session is to provide the IP enthusiasts and IP Managers an insight into the potential drug candidates for COVID-19 and their patent position with the help of Patent Landscapes, Relevant provisions in Indian Patent Law and selected global provisions and Patent Barriers. The goal of the event is to understand the importance of patents and patent law in COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Monday, 08 June 2020| Time: 03.30 pm – 05:35 pm |  Outline  |  Register | Poster