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Available Technologies

S.NoTechnology TitleApplicationTechnology SummaryTech BriefTech Spotlight
1Thermal imaging scanner with edge computingHealthcare: mass temperature screening A thermal scanner using Embedded AI for detecting near real time elevated body temperature. It is an automated temperature screening solutionTech BriefImage
2A Deployable Toilet System: A toilet for a non sewer systemSanitation: portable toiletsA deployable toilet system that offers pathogen and odour free discharge by thermophilic operation of the septic tank, with less water consumption. The modular toilets are easy to assemble on-site. Tech BriefImage
3Cost-effective process for manufacturing γ-Valerolactone from Levulinic Acid An improved selective process for the preparation of γ-valerolactone (Gvl) by catalytic hydrogenation of biomass-derived levulinic acid (LA). The disclosed process renders excellent yield (100%) under mild reaction conditions within a short reaction time.Tech BriefImage
4 Portable, user-friendly, low cost potentiostat - LapPotA basic, easily fabricated low-cost potentiostat coupled with user-friendly software that makes it an effective tool to study electrochemistry in low resource centers such as an undergraduate laboratory.
Tech BriefImage
5Multipurpose, low-cost, disposable plastic chip electrodesA multipurpose, cost effective, use and throw plastic chip electrode with unparalleled current density.
Tech BriefImage
6Curd strip that can set customized and consistent quality curd anytime anywhere!A curd strip that can be used to set curd of uniform quality and consistency, and allows for easy customization in the flavour profile and nutritional value of the curd.
Tech BriefImage
7Continuous process for the manufacture of Azelaic acid - an API and Industrial AdditiveOne of the best ever catalyst-free syntheses of azelaic acid by ozonolysis of oleic acid without the need for cryogenic conditions or high temperatures, making the process highly scalable.Tech BriefImage
8Novel degradable polyoxalates from renewable monomers for coating and film applicationsnovel, bio-derived polyoxalates that can be tailored to control the degradation kinetics, and can be a faster degrading substitute to polylactic acid.Tech BriefImage
9UV shielding bio-derived furanic polymersUV shielding composite films of synthetic and natural polymers with bio-derived furanic polymers via catalytic dehydrataion of biomass sacchrides.Tech BriefImage
10High yield production of bacterial nanocellulose from a novel bacterial strainFood and personal careA high-yielding bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) strain of Komagataeibacter rhaeticus from rotten pomegranate that utilizes glycerol as a low cost carbon source.Tech BriefImage
11Novel low-cost process for the manufacturing of high quality α-Arbutin Personal care productsA novel low-cost process for the biosynthesis of alpha- arbutin, from hydroquinone, using inexpensive feedstock and a novel metagenomic amylosucrase, Asmet, as the biocatalyst. Tech BriefImage
12Novel method for synthesis of cetearyl alcohol using fermentation technologyPersonal care productsNovel method for synthesis of 99% pure cetearyl (C16:C18) alcohol using bioengineered E.coli. The model assisted engineered strains produced 12.5 g/L of cetearyl alcohol in the bioreactor under fed-batch cultivation condition, the highest reported titers of long chain hydrocarbons in E. coli.Tech BriefImage
13One-pot process production of the prebiotic substance, 4′-galactosyl-kojibioseFood and nutraceuticals: prebioticA one-pot method for the utilization of raw and by-products of cane and dairy industries such as molasses, jaggery, table sugar, and whey as feedstocks to synthesize prebiotic and functional molecules such as Kojibiose.Tech BriefImage
14Bio-manufacturing of low-calorie sweetener D-allulose using novel enzymesFood and Nutraceuticals: low calorie sweetnerA one-pot method for the utilization of raw and by-products of cane and dairy industries, such as molasses, jaggery, table sugar, and whey, as feedstocks to synthesize prebiotic and functional molecules such as Kojibiose.Tech BriefImage
15Sustainable production of camptothecin from a high yielding endophyteCancer therapeuticsA high camptothecin-yielding endophyte from N. nimmoniana reports the highest yield reported till date in any native strain of endophytes, and can be used for the fast, sustainable production of camptothecin with good yields.Tech BriefImage
16Eco-friendly novel phenalkamines as curing agents for industrial coatings High molecular weight phenalkamines derived from cashew nutshell liquid were synthesized and demonstrated to be effective cross-linkers for epoxy based coatings, with superior anticorrosive properties and chemical and solvent resistance.Tech BriefImage
17Novel microbial method for synthesis of C15 and C17 linear chain alkanes Constraint-based metabolic modeling approach to bioengineer E.coli for the synthesis of highly pure C15 and C17 linear alkanesTech BriefImage
18Bio-derived polyols with varying hydroxylation levels for rigid PU foams and PU dispersionsPolyols were synthesized using peracid oxidation and other routes starting from cardanol, a by-product of the cashew processing industry. The synthesized polyols were evaluated for their suitability in preparing rigid foams and PU dispersions. The resulting polyurethane foams exhibited good physical and mechanical properties. The dispersions exhibited better film formation ability, without the need for any VOC’s.Tech BriefImage