About the TechNet Program

TechNet is the umbrella of service offerings for industry clients offered by TECHEX.IN (non-profit and independent Regional Tech Transfer Office supported by BIRAC, Govt of India and operated by Entrepreneurship Development Center/ Venture Center, Pune).

The TechNet program aims to build mutually productive relationships between industry on one side and research-intensive institutes/ labs/ services entities on the other side.

Service Offering:

TechNet services are designed specifically for the following clients: 

  • Medium and large Industry
  • Multinational corporations
  • Mission-mode technology development organizations.

Service components: 

  • TechNet Identification/ Scouting (TNT01): The industry client poses a challenge/task for a prospective R&D partner to solve/perform and TECHEX.IN team identifies potential R&D partners for the client with the relevant background/ expertise/ capability and interest.
  • TechNet Facilitation (TNT02): The industry client wants to engage with a R&D partner/ academic organization that has been identified. TECHEX.IN team helps in formulating a proposal, identifying mutually agreeable terms of engagement and finalizing a deal structure.
  • TechNet Project Agreements (TNT03): Industry clients have identified partners, finalized the technical scope of the project and agreed on a rough deal structure.
  • TechNet Project Interfacing (TNT04): Project monitoring, oversight and interfacing support
  • TechNet Analytics & Reports (TNT05): An industry client requests compiled information, analysis and insights in the form of a report answering a specific question posed (ex: What are the different approaches known in literature for degradable packaging foams?). TECHEX.IN team uses proprietary paid databases (scholarly and patent  literature) to carry out searches and provide a report of information, analysis and insights.
  • TechNet Campaign Events (TNT06): Client wants to run a campaign creating awareness, increasing understanding or mobilizing action on a specific topic (ex: Recycling of PET waste)
  • TechNet Consortium Management (TNT07): The TECHEX.IN team sets-up and manages a consortia of industry members who support pre-competitive, non-exclusionary R&D at an academic institute (s) or research lab(s) aimed at larger knowledge or know-how needs of the industry sector or market segment.

Detailed Term sheet PDF Version Oct 15 2022