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The Biosimilars Matchmaker (BMM) aims to do the match-making of :

  1. Technology Providers working on biosimilars with the technology seekers.
  2. Technology seekers facing unique challenges in biosimilars development with technology providers that have innovative solutions.

Desired outcomes:

1) Technology Showcase Pitches by shortlisted technology providers on 31st August 2021.

2) Reverse Pitches by technology seekers (date to be announced).

3) For non-shortlisted Technology providers : required marketing documents, listing and publicizing these via various channels to bring desired targeted exposure which may result in possible matchmaking.

What is Biosimilars?

biosimilar is a biologic medical product (also known as biologic) highly similar to another already approved biological medicine (the ‘reference medicine’). (Ref: Wikipedia)

The technology submissions may be under, but not limited to, any of the following:

  1. Clone development
  2. Upstream processing
  3. Downstream processing
  4. Formulation

We call for submission of your innovation/ unique challenge to be taken up for further processing.

  • The selected finalists from the technology providers will get a chance to pitch their technologies to an audience relevant technology seekers . Check the list of companies who will be participating here (soon to be updated).
  • The Technology seekers would get a connection to the Technology provider willing to troubleshoot.