Freedom to Operate search is conducted to mitigate the risks of infringement of patents in a particular region/country so that one can take a particular action, like launching, developing or producing a product, without infringing the IP rights of others. Freedom to Operate (FTO) search may also refer as Right to Use search.

Conducting freedom to operate search is a necessary step for the R&D, product development companies, and technology companies before commercializing products, launching of the new product, process, or service to avoid IP infringements. The Freedom To Operate search includes a comprehensive patent search to identify and analyze un-expired patents and published patent applications that are present in the jurisdiction of interest.

We conduct country-specific comprehensive searches for our clients The FTO search report is provided within 10 to 15 days.

How is it useful?

  • Can product or process be used without infringing upon valid IPRs of others?
  • Can it be possible to practice knowhow freely in certain region?