Patentability search enables one to check the patentability of an invention before applying for patent protection. The patentability search report helps a client in making the final decision of filing for patent registration. The report will also assist in drafting a patent specification to highlight the true novelty of the invention. The report cites similar patents and relevant literature to help ascertain the probability of a patent grant to an invention. 

Patentability search assesses the patentability of an invention by assessing the three basic elements required for seeking patent protection, namely, novelty, non-obviousness, and usefulness. Besides these elements, it also assesses whether there are any similar inventions available in the prior art.

The patentability assessment report cites details of the relevant patent/prior art documents, along with our opinion on the patentability of the invention.  The results of a patentability assessment report are provided within 5 -7 days.


How will it be useful?

•Help in identifying the closest patent/non-patent literature which will further help in identifying the novelty, inventive step and industrial utility of the invention.

• To plan further research by analyzing the research that others have already done;

[should be completed during the ideation phase, as well as prior to disclosure]