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  • Dr. Jyutika Rajwade, Scientist E, Agharkar Research Institute

1st Mar 2021

“Upon receiving our inputs on the queries from the examiners, the team had a discussion and received the inputs from me. Later on, all the queries were responded considering the legal and scientific/technological aspects. The discussions were fruitful and other changes were formalized. …………………… was very helpful. The documents were uploaded ahead of the stipulated time limit. I hope everything goes well and the application is considered favorably. Thanks to the team!!”

  • Gurudatta Wagh, Technical Officer-D, Agharkar Research Institute

1st Mar 2021

Appreciate the excellent team effort by your team.”

  • Mehul Baldawa, Director, Utopic Tech Pvt. Ltd.

20th Dec 2020

“It was really helpful and insightful discussion with ……….. over our draft of first examination report reply. All the queries were satisfied professionally and satisfactorily.”

  • Ajinkya Dhariya, Founder and CEO, PadCare Labs

          12th Dec 2020

“During uncertain times of COVID-19, TechEx team helped us successfully to transfer our technology to leading electronics manufacturing company on pro bono basis.”         

  • Prasad Bhagat, Weinnovate Biosolutions Pvt Ltd

           24th Nov 2020

“TechEx was involved with all the IPs generated/ filed by Weinnovate Biosolutions vt. Ltd. including two patents and two design patents. TechExis very professional and efficient in all the services they offer. They provide end to end solutions right from drafting the patent to submitting reply and hearing of the patent. The team is dedicated, with  good subject knowledge and very comminicative. TechEx team involving …………. assisted our company in achieving its first granted patent. I have no hesitation in recommending TechEx services for IP solutions.”      

  • Dr Premnath, Head, NCL Innovations, CSIR-NCL

22nd Oct 2020

“In the midst of the tight lockdown in Pune, the quickly understood our needs for an MoU between CSIR-NCL and Praj on Renewable Chemicals and Materials R&D and provided a draft in record time that got finalized with minimum iterations.”