Launching new initiative!!

Reverse Pitches by the industry players: INDUSTRY CONNECT

About Reverse Pitches: Reverse pitches aim to facilitate meaningful discussion between the industry and innovators to find a solution to the needs of chemicals sector companies. We aim to drive collaboration and innovation in this area. Our team will identify a group of experts/ scientists/ innovators who have expertise in the area of challenges posed by the industry. Our team will proactively work with the industry and the innovator for the  deployment of solutions.


Benefits offered to the industry:

  • Closed door meeting.
  • Meeting/ knowing probable solution providers for the challenges faced by them
  • Curated group of innovators aligned to the sector/ domain challenges 
  • Expressions of interest from the solution providers expressing interest in a company/ problem statement
    • As a response to a problem statement 
    • Open EOI for interest in overall Research & Technology Priorities of the Company
  • Lead management services by team (TechNet Lead-to-Deal service)  to all the companies after receipt of expression of interest. This will be done till a deal is signed between the technology seeker and the technology provider.
  • Opportunity to avail TechNet service for dedicated scouting service for any 3 problem statements over a period of 6 months.

How to participate:

  • Interested Industry may write to
  • Fee structure: 
    • Existing TechNet clients: No entry fee for pitching
    • Others: Contact for more details if you want to pitch. 
  • Activities :
    •  Industry gets opportunity to pitch 2 problem statements
    • Assistance from team to prepare the pitches
    • team forms a group of innovators tailormade to the requirements of the industry
When: Fridays every two months (First Reverse Pitch planned in December 2023)
Past and future reverse pitches dates:
1) December 2023: Pitch by Large Speciality Chemicals MNC