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Thermal imaging scanner with edge computing

A thermal scanner using Embedded AI for detecting near real time elevated body temperature. It is an automated temperature screening solution by BMeK.

Toilets for a non-sewer system

Vishwakarma University, Pune, has developed a deployable toilet system that offers pathogen and odour free discharge by thermophilic operation of the septic tank, with less water consumption. 

Digital Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

BMek has developed a Machine-Learning Enabled Non Contact Infrared Thermometer for detecting real time elevated body temperature and other industrial applications.

Multipurpose, low-cost, disposable plastic chip electrodes

Scientists at CSIR – CSMCRI have developed a multipurpose, cost effective, use and throw plastic chip electrode with unparalleled current density.

 Portable, user-friendly, low cost electrochemical toy – LapPot

A basic, easily fabricated low-cost potentiostat coupled with user-friendly software that makes it an effective tool to study electrochemistry in low resource centers such as an undergraduate laboratory.