3 Objectives


  • To fund the cost of statutory fees and TechEx.in service fees for Indian patent filings for selected eligible applicants for only ₹15,000.
4 Key Features

Key Features of the Award

Patent drafting and filing for ₹ 15,000 /-

The above fees includes subsidy of

  • Statutory fees: value upto ₹ 28,000
  • TechEx.in Service fees: value upto ₹ 33,000
    • High quality patent filing and drafting services from Venture Center’s TechEx.in team for only
    • Free and unbiased advice and handholding support
NOTE!!! PCT Filings for Academic Inventors
In exceptional cases where academic investors have a strong case of technology commercialization and ability to fund the foreign filings, TechEx.in team will consider supporting their PCT costs.
5 Eligibility

Who are Eligible to Apply?

  • Non-profit R&D/ academic organizations in West Zone who are Strategic Partners of TechEx.in (who have signed MoU with TechEx.in)
6 Call Open

When is the Call Open?

As of now the offer is open till funds are available

The offer remains open until funds are available, and the TechEx.in team is currently collecting proposals for the screening meeting, so submit your applications promptly!

7 Documents and Application

How to Apply and What Documents are Needed?

Following documents are required for the form. Please keep them ready before applying.

  1. Appendix 1: Presentation about your invention ( briefly its main area of work, product/ technology it is working on, team members etc. in about 5-10 slides. All the information provided should be non-confidential only)


For further queries, please contact

Mugdha Lele

Mobile: +91 74100 45652

Email: mugdha@venturecenter.co.in

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