Commercialising science and technology enabled Innovation: a systematic new approach. 

Speaker: Dr. Uday Phadke, Founder-CEO of Cartezia, Executive Chairman of Accelerator India and CEO of the Triple Chasm Company, Cambridge UK

Date: Thursday, 4th March 2021 | Time: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Dr Phadke, the originator of the Triple Chasm Approach, will challenge some commonly held perceptions about how innovations are transformed into commercial, social, and environmental impact. He will describe how the new approach is based on three key components, all under-pinned by data-driven insights from a 5-year global research programme.

  • The triple chasm model confirms the work of Rogers et al that this translation can be described by the diffusion equation, but critically identifies three discontinuities or chasms where the diffusion parameters change markedly, so that the classical ‘S’ curve actually presents a view that is too optimistic.
  • A new meso-economic treatment of the drivers for change, or Vectors, which builds on Schumpeter’s view, eschews many of the simplistic macro-economic notions, and provides a more precise basis for shaping growth trajectories.
  • How this approach combines the triple chasm model with the 12 meso-economic vectors to create a more nuanced understanding of how intervention priorities change with the maturity of an innovation. This integrated approach provides the first systematic analytical framework for tackling the sustainability challenge.

He will then look briefly at the implications of these insights for the Indian commercialisation ecosystem.

About the speaker: Dr Phadke is founder-CEO of Cartezia, Executive Chairman of AcceleratorIndia and CEO of the Triple Chasm Company. He is also the originator of the Triple Chasm Approach, based on data-driven insights from a 5-year global research programme. He has co-authored the following two books: The Scale Up Manual and Camels, Tiger, and Unicorns: Re-thinking Science And Technology-enabled Innovation. He was also an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University from 2011 – 2016 Dr. Uday has also been actively involved in several innovation policy development initiatives in Europe and Asia, and has helped build over 100 technology firms over the last two decades, working in various capacities.