Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) is part of the CSIR network of laboratories in India, and focuses on diverse research areas such as membrane based processes for separation & concentration, inorganic materials and catalysis, fine & specialty chemicals including sensing and diagnostics molecules, renewable energy, plant molecular biology & biotechnology. CSMCRI has developed a technology related to the manufacturing of curd strips and the method of preparing customizable curd using the curd strip. This technology has been licensed to a startup (Cuho Biotechnology), which will scale up the technology (with help from CSMCRI) and get it to the market. The agreement between CSMCRI and the startup was signed on 23 Jan 2023.

TechEx.in role: CSIR-CSMCRI is a Strategic partner of Techex.in for the last 2 years. The TechEx.in team scouted technologies of CSMCRI and found the curd strip technology relevant for tech transfer. The team prepared a marketing one-pager and got in a discussion with the startup through lead generation. CSMCRI demonstrated the working of the technology to the startup. The startup was happy with the performance of the technology and both the teams agreed to sign up a technology licensing agreement.