Talk on Getting your IP House in Order! by Madhuri Roy

Date: Thursday, January 18th, 2024 | Time: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM | Hybrid event

The talk is free but registration is mandatory


Talk details: 

In this workshop, participants will gain essential knowledge on constructing a robust intellectual property (IP) portfolio, employing effective strategies to safeguard innovations, and monitoring competitive landscapes. The session will delve into the fundamentals of IP due diligence, covering the what, when, why, and timing considerations. Attendees will also understand the crucial aspects of the due diligence process, learning what investors typically seek and how to adequately prepare for assessments. Additionally, the workshop will spotlight common mistakes in IP management, equipping participants with insights to avoid pitfalls and enhance their overall IP practices.


Speaker details:

  • Madhuri Roy | Partner| Cooley LLP

  • Dr. Madhuri (Mani) Roy is a seasoned biopharma professional with 15+ years of expertise in intellectual property (IP). She specializes in developing and implementing robust patent portfolio strategies, offering strategic patent counseling, preparation, and prosecution. Dr. Roy excels in IP due diligence, advising on investor-side and company-side evaluations, freedom-to-operate reviews, and pre-litigation matters. Her multidimensional experience in mid-size and large biotech companies underscores her proficiency in navigating complex IP landscapes, making her a valuable asset for companies in the biopharma sector.