@ Venture Center is initiating IP-TT Clinics and intends to understand your current status and needs for IP-TT. The clinics are designed to provide the basic understanding of the services offered by the team at Venture Center to protect the valuable IP of the inventors. The slots are open to all. 

When: 2nd and 4th Saturdays

Slots open for Dec 2023 and Jan 2024

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Steps for Registration

  • Step 1: Interested participants need to fill in the registration form at the following link;
    Register online at:
  • Step 2: Organizers will confirm your slot booking
  • Step 3: Organizers request mentees to come prepared for the meeting with a brief overview and concerns, preferably with a presentation.
December23 -Jan 2024 series (8 slots)

About the IP-TT Clinic:

Intellectual Property (IP) is the right conferred to its creator. Startups/individual inventors/researchers can possess valuable IP in the form of a patent, designs and trademarks. Thus, IP needs to be understood and, even protected at the right stage of development for potential revenue generation and also to have a competitive advantage.

During the clinic, mentors will discuss about the possible funding opportunities available for filing IP to inventors. Additionally, participants get a free membership in mailing list update participants about other such upcoming events and funding opportunities from the Venture Center.

Agenda for IP Clinic:

  • Hand holding and preliminary discussion on the ideas that innovator wants to share for the prospective IP filing.
  • To understand various forms of IPR that can emerge from an invention and briefing on how to file for an IP.
  • To understand briefly about the patentability criteria at the Indian Patent Office, India.
  • To understand various services offerings by at Venture Center.
  • Understand any funding opportunities available for IP filing.

Advantages of availing services:

  • Provide continuous handholding from scouting the invention till the grant of IP. (
  • The service offerings related to all kinds of IPR available. For example: Patent, Trademarks, and GI etc. Services include drafting, filing and prosecution, replying to office actions, portfolio planning and advice on renewal and maintenance of IPR. (
  • Funding opportunities available for supporting filing processes (

In case you have any queries regarding the IP-TT Clinic, please feel free to reach out