Customer Discovery and Value Proposition Design for Tech Innovations

Date: 21st and 22nd November 2023  | Time: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM


This workshop on, “Customer Discovery and Value Proposition Design for Tech Innovations” is designed for early stage inventive enterprises and deep tech startups as well as for Innovation Managers from academic and R & D organizations seeking technology transfer (commercialization) of their inventive ideas.

Workshop will include 4 modules:

  • Market Opportunity Navigation
  • Customer Discovery
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Business Model Development

Market opportunity navigation will focus on a developed technology or early prototype of an inventive idea. The customer discovery module focuses on innovative ideas or commercializing technology from research via the startup mode. This module also focuses on those who have have made progress building an early product but struggle to gain traction and will guide theme via hands-on exercises on how to design products and services that the customers love. Value proposition design will focus on creating the articulation of value proposition, an ideal customer profile, and market space analysis to size the market opportunity. Via the business model development module participant will understand hands-on how to create an early business model design for the startup.

All modules are hands-on and will be conducted in-person via active participation of the attendees.

SN Workshop 21-22 Nov 2023 (1)

Speaker details:

Sundara Nagarajan Nagarajan is Managing Director at Innovation ScaleUp Advisors (ISA) Private Limited, an advisory platform and practice that helps innovators and investors scale-up technology-based businesses and monetize innovation, globally. ISA helps accelerate the monetization and scaling of disruptive companies. Nagarajan deeply relates to the challenges involved in scaling ideas to deliver business value, owing to his career in computer systems development engineering for over three decades. He is an accomplished senior technologist with experience in startup initiatives of large global enterprises and early-stage companies. He has performed director-level technical leadership and executive management roles in product development and deployment serving Customers worldwide. His subject matter expertise is in computer systems architecture, data management, and systems/software engineering. As a Technical Director at NetApp and as Distinguished Technologist at HP Enterprise, he contributed to the architecture development of enterprise-class products and solutions. As a member of the founding management team of Philips Innovation Campus and as Director (Systems) at HP, delivered high-volume consumer and enterprise-class products, managing large teams of R&D engineers. As Director-Technology at IPValue, he developed deep knowledge and expertise in the business aspects of innovation and commercializing intellectual property. He co-founded Bluefont Technologies to develop technology for high-bandwidth short-range wireless. Started his career at Wipro, during the early days of Information Technology in India and grew through different roles. Nagarajan holds M.S. (By Research) from the IIT-Madras and graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calicut, India.