Online Session on Negotiation Techniques for Technology Entrepreneurs and Innovation Managers

Negotiations form the backbone of economic transactions. Rational players in economic transactions seek to maximize their respective outcomes via negotiations. Yet, negotiations also get influenced by factors like power, position and information disparity. Entrepreneurs meet negotiations early on as they seek to build businesses. Every function of a startup is a deeply negotiated decision, often a compromise, between co-founders, employees and customers. While every entrepreneur goes through these negations, few have the time and luxury to observe and optimize these negotiations. Similar, is the situation with negotiated technology deals which have host of issues that outlast the deal itself. We seek in this talk to articulate known principles of negotiations, which now have substantial empirical basis along with human factors that have been studied via behavioral economics. Our endeavor is to provide a simple take-home model of principled negotiation techniques to be implemented at work.

The aim of the online session is to provide the Technology Entrepreneurs and Innovation Managers on the aspects of Negotiations and its principles which forms a backbone of every transaction that a startup encounters. 

 Saturday, 30 May 2020 |Time: 04.00 pm – 05:30 pm | Outline | Register Here| Speaker Details