28 February- 26 March 2022 | 16:00- 17:30 Hrs Daily

Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/online-PAE | Course outline

Workshop Fee: INR 5,000/‐
Limited number of seats | Registration closes 25 Feb 2022

Introduction: The Patent Agent Exam is conducted by the Indian Patent Office. Professionals from science and technology background take this exam to qualify as Patent Agents. The patent agent exam requires serious, long‐term preparation. One must know about the exam, the law of patents, and the patent drafting aspects. The course on preparing for the patent agent examination teaches you all of this in detail.

This course is for understanding the patent prosecution at the patent office, acquiring drafting skills for preparation of patent specifications and other documents required for prosecution of patent applications in Patent Office in the context of Indian and International patent applications and for understand the role of patent agent and formalities of registration.

Course includes: 

At the end of each session day, a feedback link will be shared. Filling up this link will be marked as your attendance for the concerned session. 

  • Certificate of participation issued by TechEx.in at Venture Center.
  • Access to all presentations and resources will be available on a restricted website ( Restricted website link will be shared only with the participants).
  • At the end of the course:
    • A rehearsal examination on the basis of Patent Agent Examination would be conducted. The assessment would be given to the participants immediately
    • A mock interview will be conducted