’s technology matchmakers and showcases are a unique way of marketing technologies sourced from various R&D labs across the country: The theme-based matchmakers match technology providers with seekers. These matchmakers, to our knowledge, are the first ever pro bono effort taken up by a non-profit organization in India.

Till date, TechEx has organized 4 matchmakers (themes given below) which has resulted in over 50 expressions of interest from Industry:

This success in the form of connections with industry players laid the foundation for launching the TechNet program. These matchmakers have also generated much goodwill among scientists and many R&D institutions are now keen to showcase their technologies in our matchmakers.

Cumulative impact of all four matchmakers:

Total number of technologies showcased: 34
Total number of participating institutions: 10
Total number of participating startups: 6
Total number of participating scientists: 17
Total number of industries contacted: 200+
Total number of EOIs received: 50

Role of TechEx: Contact scientists and innovators to gather details about their technologies related to the theme. Then, techex opens call for submission of ideas / technologies. We work with the technology providers to prepare a detailed template pitch and develop marketing collateral. Thereafter, the team at techex contacts the decision makers directly to explain in detail the key concepts, core ideas and potential of the technologies besides guiding them on’s capabilities to facilitate end-to-end technology transfer. As a culmination of this groundwork, a technology showcase event is organized wherein the technology providers make their detailed pitch to participants from the industry.