Wed-Thu, 20-21 Jan, 4-6:30 PM (2.5 hrs daily)


Patents help inventors and companies protect their invention. However, the protection is effective only if the patent is drafted well and with strategic intent. This workshop aims to share learning and experiences relating to effective designing of claims in patent specifications. The workshop will also aim to share some best practices. The workshop will include lectures and domain specific case study.

For Whom

  • Participants need to have prior basic knowledge of patents.
  • IP professionals
  • IP analytics professionals
  • Inventors/scientists wanting to understand how inventions can be protected better by drafting good patent applications
  • Startups willing to have a sound patent claim startegy


  • Purpose of Patent Claim
  • Scope of patent claim
  • Interpreting the patent claims (Prosecution Vs Litigation)
  • Claim language
  • Claiming strategy
  • Strategic drafting of patent claims
  • Domain specific case studies (Pharma, Biotech, Mechanical and E&TC)

Course includes

  • Certification of Participation
  • After the course a feedback link will be shared. This link has to be filled by end of the course day after the sessions.  Filling up this link will be marked as your attendance for the concerned session.

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